What is Hashgraph?

Hashgraph is the first asynchronouse byzantine fault tolerant (aBFT) consensus algorithm that results in fair ordering, fast finality, and secure propagation. It is the foundation of the next generation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

What is the Swirlds Platform?

The Swirlds platform is the official implementation of the hashgraph algorithm. It is maintained and licensed by Swirlds Inc. The Swirlds platform is included in the Swirlds SDK along with a number of example applications.

Upon agreeing to the End User License Agreement (EULA), you may use the SDK to build proofs-of-concept on the Swirlds platform. These projects may be developed for proof-of-concept permissioned network purposes only. To acquire a commercial license, you must contact [email protected].

How do I get started?

Finally, let’s get down to business. There are a few key things to remember when developing on the Swirlds SDK:

  1. The SDK is a Java application. You will want to be familiar Java development tools and patterns.
  2. You control the Application layer of your proof-of-concept. This means you have full control over what gets entered into the platform as a transaction and how you want to handle transactions after they have reached consensus.
  3. The platform will handle some major functions for you: gossip (propagation), consensus, and ordering. This is not an exaustive list of functions, just an overview of the core responsibilites of the hashgraph algorithm. Outside of those functions you have the flexibility to prepare the input and handle the output as you see fit.
  4. The community is smart and friendly. As you build your proof-of-concept, do not hesitate to ask questions in our chat server.